Corporate social responsibility

Community Involvement and Development

QinFinance actively responds to social activities and all the staff actively participate in activities.
In December 2018, QinFinance assisted the people in poor mountainous areas through “Gesang Huakai · Jinxiu Zongmai” activity launched by the Party Committee of the Community. In November 2018, QinFinance’s all branches responded to the call of the headquarters to launch the care action for stray animals in winter, called more people to express loves to animals, and donated food to the pet rescue station. In September 2018, QinFinance participated in “singing our motherland” activity in Beijing for celebration of the 69th anniversary of new China. In June 2018, QinFinance brought performances and cares and sent gifts to the mentally handicapped persons in the Chengdu Care Center, and promoted their contacts and exchanges with the outside world. In March 2018, QinFinance launched ecological and environmental protection activities for employees of all branches, with theme of “Earth One Hour”, clean up white garbage from park, and guarded the green Earth with actions.

 Labor Practices

QinFinance strictly follows the International Labor Convention and the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China in respect of basic human rights, employment policy guarantee, working environment and conditions, labor relationship management, occupational safety and health, etc., including: (1) The working duration is 5 days per week, no more than 40h; monthly overtime hours is no more than 36h. (2) Signing the labor employment contract with employees, purchasing social insurance including endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance; employee’s wages are not less than the minimum wage standard of the country and the region. (3) For freedom in setting up association: QinFinance establishes trade union under the management of the all China Federation of Trade Unions, establishes trade union organization, abolishes forced labor, implements collective negotiation and communication, and executes fair and equitable labor opportunities and remuneration. (4) For human rights and discrimination, QinFinance completely eliminates discrimination on religion, gender, age, religion, etc.; there is no unfair situation such as “healthy young people are employed preferentially, or superior management posts are dominated by man”. There is no child labor and underage worker.

Human Rights

QinFinance has set up the system of Conduct Code for Employees of QinFinance., Ltd., clearly stipulating employees must abide by national and regional laws and regulations, respect the universality of human rights as the base according to international norms, respect the personality and individuality of everyone involved in the undertaking; abolish the differences in employment and treatment, and respect the basic human rights in work.

Fair Operating Practices

(1) Establish a fair remuneration system
QinFinance tries to realize the remuneration fairness in internal management, actively guide to prevent adverse effect in case of unfairness; eliminate unfairness through reform and scientific management, or guide the uneasiness caused by unfairness to the right status.
(2) Establish a fair punishment system
Punishment can effectively prevent and correct various unexpected behaviors, so as to protect the initiative and enthusiasm of most employees. QinFinance establishes and executes a reasonable punishment system and fair disciplinary punishment procedure, improve the organization’s communication system, constantly improve the employee’s participation system, improve the relationships between superiors and subordinates, and promote fairness of distribution process.
(3) Establish a smooth appeal system
QinFinance establishes multiple appeal modes to ensure the smooth and effective appeal channels, e.g. email, telephone, etc., so as to facilitate the superior competent department to know the actual situation of employees promptly, and then woke out reasonable solutions to reduce the unfairness sense of employee.
(4) Establish an effective supervision system
In order to ensure the strict execution of the system, QinFinance sets up a proper institution to supervise the procedure and result of system execution. The supervisor and the supervised person are independent in their interests. QinFinance applies supervision modes to ensure procedural justice in system execution and improve the employee’s fairness sense and set up scientific and reasonable employment and promotion system.

Environmental Impacts

QinFinance’s consumed energy in operation includes office electricity, heating electricity, bus gasoline; the consumed resource includes office water and paper. General wastes include waste paper, office trash, ink cartridge, fluorescent tube, etc.
Construction of “Green Office”: (1) Open the office area to enhance indoor natural lighting and reduce the lighting consumption; devices producing pollution (e.g. copier and printer) are centralized in a cubicle. Partition walls and doors separate the device-discharged polluted air from people and reduce the impact on employees. (2) Enhance space vitality by arrangement of green potted plants, etc.

Consumer Issues

QinFinance specializes in business process service outsourcing, with partners including telecom operators, banks, insurance companies, e-commerce, etc. It provides call center customer service with high standard, wide coverage and full process. For service provided to consumers (i.e. customers), QinFinance safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of customers by strictly following the “voluntariness, equality, fairness and good faith” principles and laws/regulations; strictly implements service quality system and standards to ensure the customer’s right to security; consciously implements the fairness of price strategy, opposes violent service; strengthens staff training and provides high-quality customer service experience.

Organizational Governance

Good and effective corporate governance policy is the premise and guarantee to achieve the strategic objectives of the enterprise. Over the years, QinFinance has become more standardized and orderly in operation management and has established a standardized and humanized management system for modern enterprise mechanism; has kept improving the corporate governance level to realize scientific and efficient decision-making, mutual balances of interests, as well as steady and transparent operation through the construction of systems and methods in organizational division of labor, and asset management, etc. The overall operation of the company is in a good order. At present, QinFinance has formulated Employee Recruitment Management System, Employee Management System, Management of Outstanding Personnel, Management Measures for Customer Information Security, Code of Conduct on Production Site, etc.

Supply Chain

QinFinance keeps improving the supplier management system strictly according to the relevant requirements of the national bidding management, and fully considers any impact on the environment and sociality in the bidding process to ensure the transparency and fairness in the bidding process and the integrity and effectiveness of the supply chain.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In order to realize QinFinance’s sustainable development strategy, QinFinance has integrated the core theories and standards of ESG into the enterprise management, so as to effectively manage ESG risks and identify business opportunities, and fulfill its responsibilities to all stakeholders.
(1) Economic impact: “service creates value” is QinFinance’s mission and also the primary starting point for realization of sustainable development strategy. QinFinance affects the society continuously by professional business model.
(2) Environmental impact: QinFinance is committed to reducing carbon emission and total energy consumption, so as to cope with global warming trend; QinFinance actively practises green operation and realize the sustainable development of environment.
(3) Social impact. QinFinance is committed to building a harmonious and fair society, so as to achieve the sustainable development goals of the United Nations through diversified businesses.
(4) Corporate governance. QinFinance regards “protecting the customer’s interests, supporting the employee’s development, promoting the shareholder’s participation and ensuring the mutual benefit and win-win of partners” as the basic starting point of corporate governance. QinFinance keeps enhancing its internal supervision, forbids any corruption and bribery, fights against unfair competition, monopoly and terrorism activities, advocates fairness, respects for rights and interests and diversity, and conducts the whole life cycle management on responsible products from the beginning to the end.

QinFinance 2018 Social Responsibility Report